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‘’It is not by what he does that he appeals to us, but by what he sees and feels.’’

The book is the analyst’s prized possession on Literature in form of narrative technique and critical illustration expressing her personal beliefs and disbeliefs on human characters and their respective thoughts prevalent in the society even today: “What, after all, is the creation? What is man; a creature fabricated by God; or is he the product of millions of years of evolution… and is he heading towards what we might call superman? or towards his doom?’’

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The Immortal Fly

The Daughter writes, “I had asked Ma many times, but her ‘impenetrable personality’ and dynamic words to everyone with a tinge of smile as reflected on her face, she was reluctant to continue her conversation with me. I had thought, hence, I must not be dusty on my spoken words.

Who shall I blame!”

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The Revolt in the Desert

Choosing words with confidence in form of uniqueness is a kind of playing chess at Literature. King, queen, bishop, rook, and pawn have their known capacities, but the possibilities of combination are infinite and unpredictable. Perception on same words, from several essays, speaking or thinking at various temperaments and circumstances to the hearer and listener proportionately makes the same human mind to act with different physiology. To achieve a move is always to solve a problem, and is an essentially a creative art: “As the waves make towards the pebbled shore’’

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