CHAPTER 3 “Shocked and horrified: dismayed when imagined it yellow eyes, yellow skin, black lips, and skin just holding on the bones. I felt, the same like Frankenstein, to think the way the Creature stretches its arm and opens its jaw as if to speak is pathetic” I have seen deaths but this Death was so close to me. It happened a few years back. As the tree falls, so let it lie… It was closely the same look with calmness and was placid with no` breath moved the lips, no pulse stirred, no sight or sound would enter those eyes or more. Black over White background Page | 9 The face of Ma was so peaceful but firm like same in her life… It did not appear to me death, but more like an image of life! While I looked at it, I saw no pain was there; the lips seemed me to smile with her like same which I could not bear for now to carry with description- it seemed in the hey-day of life to ebb with the decay of blood and my spirits. Shut up the book and close the account!’************

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